viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

* Look 797 *

High Shine Lipstick.companion Kosmetik    Marketplace
!head desk! Moreau all the things  Evil Bunny JS2
::SG:: Kamila BENTO Ring   Evil Bunny JS2
 SG:: Metrico MeshNails   Evil Bunny JS2
ENIIPose- GIFT Fashion Bloc Spothligth
Aseriz-Tattoo Vintage pattern Fashion Bloc Spothligth
.: Lekilicious  Store:. Sandal Julia  Black  Fashion Bloc Spothligth
:.Lekilicious : . Store Bodysuit: :. Elegance RED Fashion Bloc Spothligth
 Bitch Vicious Pervert Chokers  OOPS Store
the next item *Pervert Chockers* It will be placed at The Darkness Monthly Event
When: 5th June - 30th June

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